Frequently Asked Questions

About Ayurveda & treatment
What all health packages are available?

We provide Ayurveda treatments for any condition and let we know what we can do for you and how long it would take. As a package, we do Rejuvenation treatment, weight gain and weight reduction treatment. Apart from that, we do treatments after doctor’s inference. We have good success in rare conditions like COPD, Nephrotic syndrome, Irritable bowel syndrome, etc. and even common conditions like Infertility, Diabetes, Arthritis, etc

Can I come for treatment if I have no diseases?

Surely, you can get treatment for rejuvenate your body. We have also a separate package for Rejuvenation treatment.

Is it possible to work while taking treatment?

We are sorry about that, when you starts any treatment course here, we need to ensure your full patience for having a good rest.

Does Ayurveda have any side effects?

No. Ayurvedic medicines have no side effects as it is based on natural system of healing. Our products are fully made up of with medicinal plants and chemicals are not used on it.

Will I get follow up after treatment?

Yes. After the discharge we give follow up medicines for a short period, but it is good to see or contact our doctors after every three months.

About Accommodation & services
When can I visit?

From September to April, it is good time for treatment according to the weather condition in Kerala. We have a special treatment package yearly July –August months, which we called as ‘Karkidaka Chikitsa’. But we also say that, a sincere treatment for all health problems can be cured at any time.

What should I take with me to Arsha?

From September to April, it is good time for treatment according to the weather condition in Kerala. We have a special treatment package yearly July –August months, which we called as ‘Karkidaka Chikitsa’. But we also say that, a sincere treatment for all health problems can be cured at any time.

• Few clothes to wear

• One or two pair clothes to wear during treatment

• Daily belongings

• Passport, Visa, Previous case report

• Lab report, Medicines currently taking

• Bring claim form in case of reimbursement

How to reach Arsha?

Please visit our contact page for details.

How many guest rooms do you have and how many can stay?

We have total 50 guest rooms here with capacity of more than 100 people. Also we have special family rooms.

Do you provide internet services?

Yes, we provide 24 hrs free wifi internet service.

How can I pay?

At present, we receive payments through – cash (Rupees) by hand and online money transfer. For more details Admin executives will help you.

Doctor’s suggestions
I am suffering from lower back pain from last 4 years. We have done many treatments in Neuro hospital, but not get any long term result.

For this condition you need to undergo an Inpatient 23 day treatment and if time is present 28 day treatment is what needed. It will be better to do the treatments at the earliest.

5 years back I noticed some acne in my face and now it spreads all over my face and become hard. I consulted one doctor who diagnosed it as ‘Syringoma’ and advice to remove it by laser therapy. Kindly please give me a solution.

For the condition you need to undergo a process called ‘Snehapanam’, where medicated ghee is given in increased dose day by day till we find ghee saturated symptoms on the body which usually takes 7 or 8 days to manifest. This is followed by two days oil application and steam bath and next day medicine is given internally to cause purgation. This procedure is done for an internal cleansing purpose prior to starting of internal medicines. Following the procedure you need to take internal medicines for a period of at least one to two months. Usually such a treatment gives good cure. For the procedure of ‘Snehapanam’ mentioned earlier you need to be admitted for a period of 10 or 11 days.

I need to know the details of treatment for my father. He is 58 years old suffering of left hand pain due to sugar muscles has been locked in left hand shoulder he underwent treatment to Ortho doctor as he suggested to do exercises but still he is suffering of severe pain in left shoulder and he can't able to lift anything using left hand. Kindly let me know your opinion.

The condition your father is having is due to Diabetes, probably Peri Athritis of shoulder joint. For such conditions an 18 day treatment is required. He needs to get admitted for the same. If time is available and if you are interested you can come by any convenient time of yours.

My Daughter (2 yrs old), she is yet to walk and stand her own. She is undergoing treatment in Allopathic hospital and her doctor analysis that she having low muscle tone on her legs. Now she is doing occupation therapy exercise. We feel Ayurvedic Massage will improve her motor skill. Kindly guide us.

As per the description you have given, I think it is a kind of muscular weakness, probably Muscular Dystrophy of lower limbs. Hope hand movements are not affected. What I suggest is an Inpatient treatment spanning 21 days will be best in such conditions, which we find clinically very promising in most cases.

My Father is now experienced an episode of vertigo, which led us to visit a neurologist. However it has never happened again. These days he has been mentioning that he feels like he drags his left leg while walking. Additionally he complains of heaviness in the lower half at the back of the brain and recently also has experienced some stiffness in the left hand muscles.

First of all, we need to inspect him about his speech, food intake and how his bowel and bladder habits. We can have two types of approach in such cases. One is an inpatient treatment spanning for 21 days or to a minimum of 15 days. Else to begin with internal medication and later come for inpatient treatment.

I am suffering from Cervical 3/4 desiccation (with muscle spasm and stiffness - no pain from November 2015) and Lumbar posterior disc bulge L5/S1 (with sciatica in both legs and pain at the back from February 2016) per my MRI. I’m interested to undergo your treatment as soon as possible. Kindly let me know the treatment for my condition and duration.

As per the details given, you need a 23 day treatment, as it is a posterior disc bulge the pain usually is very severe. The treatment plan will be fixed only after inspecting the patient with complete history of the disease. Still generally we start with two processes per day- Oil application and steam bath & treatment called ‘Dhara’ where we pour oil over the affected area followed by gentle massage. Thirdly if needed we do a procedure called ‘Kateevasthy’- oil will be kept in the affected area in particular warmth after making an oil holding area with flour.

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