The general type of Ayurvedic Treatments offered are

# Name Procedure Benefits
Uzhichil Special Kerala type of massage done by two persons using medicated warm oils Improves blood circulation, strengthens muscles and joints,provides good sleep. Improves the skin texture and sheen and nourishes the nerves . Suitable for healthy people also
ELAKIZHI This is a process of massaging the body with heated cloth bag filled with fried medicinal leaves like ricinus, calatropis, tarmarind etc. Done by three people. Stimulates the nerves and helps to reduce pain. This is done in cases of Rheumatism, arthritis, paralysis, sciatica, spondylosis and nervous disorders.
NAVARAKIZHI The body is massaged with linen bags filled with cooked Navara rice, frequently warming it in a mixture of decoction and milk. Done by three people. It is a cardinal treatment for diseases affecting the nervous system. Pain, rheumatism, emaciation of limbs, stroke, hypertension, sciatica, spondylosis etc. are the indications.
PODIKIZHI A type of massage with cloth bags filled with herbal powder, which will be warmed frequently. Done by three people. Effective for inflammatory joint problems and primary stage of hemiplegia.
UDVARTHANAM This is the process of massaging the body with herbal powders in a reverse order. This is, from down to up. The treatment is mainly for obesity, cholesterol and certain rheumatic complaints.
THALAPOTHICHIL The head is covered with Amla (Indian gooseberry) paste prepared in buttermilk or some decoctions suitable for the condition. The head is covered with a banana leaf. Effective for dealing with stress, anxiety, sinusitis, chronic headache, sleep disorders and hair loss.
DHANYAMLADHARA Four people, using special pots pour a warm acidic herbal fluid (dhanyamlam) all over patient's body. Helps to reduce inflammation and pain in many cases and is a method of sweating without using oils. Done in cases of arthritis, stroke, rheumatism etc.
PIZHICHIL Using special pots, pouring warm medicated oil all over the body along with gentle massage by two people and three assisting them with collecting and warming the oil. Helpful for many types of multi joint problems and hemiplegia. It is strictly done for specific illnesses.
SIRODHARA Literally it means poring of a liquid on the forehead in a continuous stream. According to the type of liquid used, Sirodhara can be classified into three.
Thailadhara - Sirodara with medicated oil.

Thakradhara – Sirodhara with medicated buttermilk.

Ksheeradhara – Sirodhara with medicated milk.
According to the liquid used, the effect will be different. Thailadhara is good for various types of nervous disorders like hemiplegia, facial palsy etc. Thakaradhara is good for various skin diseases, sleeplessness, stress and insanity. And Ksheeradhara is good for making the head cool for insomania.
SIROVASTHY Warm oils are kept on the head inside a leather cap. Highly effective in cases of facial paralysis, headaches, spondylosis, hemiplegia etc.
SNEHAPANAM This involves internal administration of medicated ghee in daily increasing doses and strict restrictions on diet and activities. This is the primary preparation for all the panchakarmas. This is an internal Shehana (oleation) procedure. It is helpful in many cases like allergic asthma, psoriasis, eczema, low immunity, hyper acidity, peptic ulcer, digestive disorders and in all kinds of mental illnesses.
KADEEVASTHY A particular oil is kept over the affected part (usually the lower back) inside a boundary made of some herbal pastes. Gives good results in all kinds of back pains and other spinal disorders. The same procedure when done on the chest is called Urovasthy.
THALAM Oils or pastes are applied on the middle of the head and kept for one hour. Helpful in alleviating insomnia, high blood pressure, stress and vatha predominant conditions.
LEPANAM Herbal pastes are applied over the affected parts. Usually done to reduce swelling, pain or inflammation of the joints. Also used to treat some skin diseases.
PICHU Cotton pieces soaked in warm medicated oils are applied on the affected parts. This cotton will be wet with warm oil frequently. Effective pain relieving method for muscles and joints. It can be done on head also for some types of headaches and problem of sense organs.
AVAGAHAM After some oil applications, the patient will be seated in a tub full of hot herbal decoction suitable for patient's condition. For the diseases of spinal cord, hip and lower back. Also helpful in gynaecological conditions.
UPANAHAM A poultice containing herbal pastes with some acidic liquids which will be applied on the affected parts and covered with leaves of calotropis, ricinus etc. and on top with cotton cloth. This will be retained on position at least for 12 hours day or night. For inflammatory joint pains which helps to reduce stiffness and improve mobility of the joints.
NETHRATHARPANAM Well melted and strained medicated ghee will be collected in a ridge made around the eyes with black gram paste. For refractive errors and degenerative diseases of the eyes.
PUTAPAKAM Herbal juice mixed with goat's milk is collected around the eyes similarly as in netthra tharpanam. Relieves tiredness of the eyes due t nethra tharpanam and to clear vision.
NETHRADHARA Eye wash with special herbal decoctions, done by two persons. For eye infections and to refresh the eyes.
ASCHYOTHANAM Application of eye drops. Helpful in conditions like various eye infections, cataract etc.
MUKHALEPAM A herbal powder is mixed with cow's milk and applied on the face. It is kept for one hour and then washed. This is a herbal face pack. This helps to remove wrinkles and black marks, improve the skin tone and imparts a special glow to the face. The powder is a special of the Rajah Ayurvedic hospitals under which Rajah Islands falls.
KSHEERADHOOMAM Steaming the patients face and neck with medicated milk steams. Most important treatment in facial paralysis, diseases of the sense organs etc.

# Name Procedure Benefits
VAMANAM Medically induced vomiting. This is the cleansing process for the upper respiratory tract and upper digestive tract. Effective in Kapha rogas and some skin diseases like leukoderma etc.
VIRECHANAM Medically induced purgation which cleanses the lower digestive tract. Almost all types of skin diseases and chronic rheumatic problems will be relieved by this.
NASYAM It involves the administration of medicines through the nose in the form of drops or powders. It is one of the Panchakarmas. Highly effective for all kinds of headaches, paralysis, depression, stress, pain around the neck and shoulders, eye diseases etc.
SNEHAVASTHY Medicated oil mixed with some herbal paste and salt, is administered through the anus. The quantity of material will be decided according ti the strength of the patient and disease. One with the lowest dose of oil is called Mathravasthy. Beneficial in chronic nervous disorders, joint problems and skin diseases.
KASHAYAVASTHY Enema done with a mixture of honey, salt, herbal paste, herbal decoction and medicated oils. This will be preceded by one or two Snehavasthy according to the condition of the patient. Combination of Sneha and Kashaya vasthys are helpful in some chronic rheumatic problems. Urinary stones, nervous disorders and in some gynecological problems.